Denim Jeans for Men: How to Style Them for the Office & Beyond

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We can write hundreds of articles about the versatility of denim jeans for men. But what remains challenging throughout all these decades of evolving fashion trends?

A debate about whether we can wear denim jeans to the workplace, or it is clothing that you can only wear at a casual gathering with friends.

how to style denim jeans for office

IndusRobe has bring you a detailed article to end this debate and find the perfect solution for wearing denim jeans for men at the workplace. 

Excited to be a part of this debate; let's look at the scenarios where denim jeans can be your perfect office outfit and where you have to avoid them altogether to not look like a fool.

Can We Wear Jeans at a workplace?

can we wear jeans at workplace

The debate about whether to wear denim jeans at the workplace is never-ending. Some may agree, and others may not. But those are things of old times when no one has that sense of different styling options. However, we no longer live in that era, and fashion trends have changed enormously. 

To clear up all your confusion, the answer to this question is yes, but sorry to dull the charm of your excitement; you cannot wear all your favorite denim jeans to the workplace. Why? Let's dig for the answer!

When Not to Wear Denim at Workplace:

Denim jeans for men at the workplace can be a tricky thing to consider. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines before rushing straight into the office with your favorite jeans layering on your legs.

when not to wear denim at workplace
  • Avoid Denim Jeans where Tie is Required: When wearing denim jeans for the office, it is essential to avoid wearing denim jeans where a tie is required. Denim jeans for men can be acceptable anywhere but not with a tie. 

Why? Because it is a complete mismatch of your formal and informal wearing that will leave you nowhere. 

  • Anywhere Uniform is Mandatory: It is okay to wear denim jeans for men until they land a job with a proper dress code. Yes, you must avoid wearing denim for men, where denim jeans are not included in the dress code. Like in hotels where specifically black pants are issued to wear as a uniform.

Also, you must avoid wearing denim jeans for men, where the company dress code explicitly prohibits it.

Outside of those situations mentioned above, you have great styling options for wearing denim jeans at the workplace. Are you excited to know about those styling options? Let's have a look at them!

Styling Options for Denim Jeans at Workplace

styling options for denim jeans

Denim jeans for men have always been in the fashion trends. However, people usually consider denim jeans too casual to wear at work. Interestingly, below we have mentioned some of the styling options for the proper styling that can make denim jeans your perfect outfit for work and beyond.

Choose the Right Fit:

When considering denim jeans at the workplace, it is essential to consider the fit of your jeans. The right fit is the key to giving yourself an appropriate look with denim jeans. Always look for denim jeans that are straight or slim fit as they are more streamlined and polished than a relaxed fit or baggy. Moreover, these denim jeans are considered the most office-appropriate jeans for men.

In addition to the fit of denim jeans, you must consider what type of washes can go well with the office environment. For this, go for the washes that are medium or dark instead of distressed and light washes. Dark washes seem to appear more formal than lighter ones, so choose them accordingly.

Pair Denim Jeans with Blazer:

Want to look more professional with your denim jeans? Pair your denim jeans with a blazer or blazer-inspired jacket. It will help you look more professional in your denim look. Interestingly, for a more classic and versatile look, a crisp white button-up shirt can do wonders to achieve this fantastic look.

Denim Jeans Beyond the Office:

Styling options for denim jeans for men beyond the office are endless. For a weekend night out with your friends, you can pair denim jeans with a t-shirt. To complement your overall look, you can wear a nice pair of sneakers or pair your denim jeans with sandals to complete your summer look.

Wrapping Points:

To conclude things up, denim jeans for men are a great versatile and stylish option to wear at the workplace or beyond. Factors we mentioned above, like the right fit, pairing, and styling, can make denim work for any occasion. 

Here is the bonus for you; keep your outfit as simple and timeless as possible. Bored with wearing the same look every day? Do not be afraid to keep experimenting with different type of denim jeans for men to find the perfect new look!


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