How to choose a 3 piece suit for a men's wedding?

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Are you going to attend the wedding event and planning to celebrate your own wedding? The three piece suit is the trending and amazing wearing to glow your personality. The formal cousin to the basic suit, the three-piece suit comes with its own set of aesthetic norms and expectations. In addition to a jacket and pants, a three-piece suit contains a vest, which is sometimes referred to as a waistcoat and which is the defining characteristic of this specific menswear combination.

The vest is a cause of anxiety to some men, who may be perfectly happy with the typical two-piece choice yet are in the dark as to whether it’s proper to wear that extra item. Armed with a little information, though, finding out how and when to wear a three-piece suit is an easy affair.

While the waistcoat adds a degree of elegance and formality to a standard two-piece suit, it also poses a question: When is it proper to wear a three-piece suit? Despite their similarities, two-piece suits and three-piece suits are not interchangeable; there will be some situations at which you’d look acceptable in the former, but overdressed in the latter.

 A solid rule of thumb: At any gathering where a tuxedo would be suitable, a three-piece suit will fit right in. Above and beyond that, though, a three-piece suit is a fantastic choice for any event or occasion where you would naturally be the center of attention, or when it would be appropriate and even desired to bring more attention to yourself.

How to Choose a Three-Piece Suit

  • Make sure your three-piece suit fits correctly and that you can easily put up your jacket over your waistcoat.
  • Keep your shirt basic to ensure it doesn’t clash with your three-piece suit for attention.
  • Pair your three-piece suit with stylish accessories, such as a tie, pocket square, and dress shoes.
  • Wear a three-piece suit for a formal occasion, adhere to classic colors, and ensure the fit is perfect.
  • To wear a three-piece suit to work, keep your appearance sophisticated with a blue or gray design with business touches, such as a discreet pinstripe or classically patterned tie.

Some more Points for Choosing a Three-Piece Suit

Three-piece suits are conventional suits with timeless charm. Made consisting of pants, a jacket, and a vest or waistcoat, three-piece may raise your style points fast and provide an entirely distinct air to your professional outfit.

The Jacket


The collar of your garment should fit against your neck, but without any of that buckling and pulling, and make sure the collar size is comfortable for you to wear.

Shoulder Pads

Much-maligned shoulder pads might make you seem more muscular. You can seem thinner overall, so while severe shoulder pads don’t look well, medium ones will.


Your sleeves should finish where your wrist ends and your hand begins. A quarter inch of your shirt sleeve should appear below the sleeves, but just check and make sure that you are comfortable. Stretch your arms out and bend them to ensure that you’re comfortable moving in your costume.


Use your buttons as a technique of complementing your unique body type. You should always keep the bottom button undone, and if you have an athletic physique, you should have a low button posture below the lapels. Otherwise, use a high button posture to mask any roundness.


Side vents can camouflage a bigger behind, whereas a single vent can fit with most normal body shapes and is a lot easier to discover!

The Suit Waistcoat or Vest

The vest of your three-piece suit will typically contain a back adjustment so you can obtain just the correct fit on yours. You may also employ two side adjusters, which may be situated on suits that are either hand-tailored or ones that have an original or uncommon design. 

The vest should be adjusted so it fits smoothly against your body, but make sure it’s comfortable for a complete range of movement. Try your vest while sitting and standing to make sure that it doesn’t inflate or bind.

The Trousers

Check the fit of your trousers. The seat of the pants itself should not bag or hang. Trousers should be the first thing fitting when you are getting professional tailoring or changes done, and you should sit and stand to evaluate the fit of your suit.

Pinning may often vary the length of your trouser legs, therefore it’s crucial to request your tailor to pin the lines modifications instead of merely chalking the marks. Your trousers can either be left simple or cuffed.


Avoid tight waistlines, which will simply highlight additional pounds. You need to be able to comfortably sit and slide your fingers inside the waistband easily.

Shirt and Tie

Don’t forget about these basics! You won’t just wear a three-piece suit without them. Plain white and blue shirts will undoubtedly work, but don’t forget about some additional attractive combinations in more contemporary hues. 

Match your tie properly, and depending on your business atmosphere, you may want to attempt mixing in a pattern like an updated paisley or stripes.

Pattern and Colors

Try a solid color if you want to wear your suit often or want it to be a wardrobe builder. You might also attempt pinstripe for an executive impact. Recommended colors for a three-piece suit are beige, navy, and gray. Black might be too harsh, while green and tan can make you seem to conservative.


Consider the suitable textiles for your suit partially by temperature and also by durability. Choose these recommended fabrics for your suit:

  • Recommended materials include wool and wool blends: tweed, flannel, tropical, and worsted. Tropical is ideal for individuals in a hot area who nevertheless desire to look for wool.
  • Cotton or linen might be stunning, but aren’t appropriate for lengthy wear.
  • Avoid textiles like rayon, corduroy, mohair, nylon, silk, or denim.

Popular Men’s Pant Coats Brands 2021 in Pakistan

  1. Royal Tag: Royal Tag has several sales going on throughout the year, if you can catch one of them, you can find a suit for as low as PKR 2,000! Although their most expensive suit is usually around PKR 17,000.
  2. Charcoal: Charcoal suits start at around PKR 7,000 and can go up to around PKR 19,000 depending on the type of suit and the pieces it has.
  3. Edenrobe: Eden Robe suits all fall into the same price range, higher end. They start at around PKR 14,000 and go up to around PKR 17,000, and you have different designs and fabrics to choose from
  4. Diners: You can find a variety of black, blue and gray suits at Diners. Their prices range from PKR 12,000 to around PKR 26,000 depending on the style of suit you want to go for.
  5. Rici Melion: Rici Melion suit prices range heavily depending on the type of suit you end up going after, but generally, they tend to land in the PKR 25,000 to PKR 50,000 range.

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  Deciding When to Wear a Three-Piece Suit

To a Wedding

Whether you’re a guest, groomsman, or groom, weddings are the perfect opportunity to bust out your best three-piece suit. Common sense applies here, of course—if the wedding is taking place on a sandy beach in Antigua in late August, 

you’ll want to leave your three-piece suit hanging in your wardrobe next to your tuxedo and pick for a breezy and comfy linen suit instead. In general, though, three-piece suits are great wedding clothing.

To the Office

Once again, apply common sense. You know the nature of your workplace better than anybody, so ultimately it’s up to you to read the atmosphere and determine whether a three-piece suit complements your corporate image. Generally speaking, 

Formal wearing is a welcome appearance at the office in many professional professions, such as law, banking, business, and government—particularly if you’re in a senior management position. 

If your job is informal, you may want to reserve your three-piece suit for major work-related events, such as presenting an important presentation, getting an award or special recognition.

To a job interview

A three-piece suit would look wildly inappropriate at a business casual interview, and showing up to an interview for an entry-level position in one might come across like you’re trying too hard, 

but if you’re interviewing for a senior management role, or if you’re talking with the president of your company about a possible promotion to the C-suite, wearing a three-piece suit will help you convey authority, confidence, and respectability.

To a lovely restaurant

It might be overkill, but there’s something intrinsically gratifying about the rush of confidence that comes from capturing everyone’s eye when the waiter leads you to your seat.

Your perception of the restaurant staff and other customers is really impressive. A three-piece suit. Give an elegant appearance and luxury feel.

Concluding this selection of choosing men's wedding suit, formal dressing in weddings and parties is a trend which is followed across the globe. People search for branded shirts for their suiting. but few people look for casual shirts in Pakistan


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