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Are you worried to shop for your favorite product just because of interface interaction? Let's come IndusRobe has a quick solution for you. As your caretaker, we planned a discussion to sort out all the problems whether it's a matter of finding your demanding products or the process to place an order online. Are you ready? Let's come to get amazing surprises. 

Top Secret to Find Favorite Product

Before discussing the actual process of shopping, few things need to be clear to get a luxury shopping experience. Whether you are interested in buying men, women, and kids’ collections, observe the top menu bar of the website and observe all the categories.

The process to find the Right Collection Page:

Are you interested in Girl’s collection? Great. Go to the girl’s category available in the menu bar and observe the related collection pages in the list. Are you looking for the best shirts for women? No problem you can hit the collection page of women's shirts and enjoy the magic, the page will quickly display on your devices. The same process is required for men and kids shopping. If you are very new to smart technologies like mobile, desktop, and the internet, you can directly call us to get instant solutions. Get ready to be our happy customers and enjoy valuable and guaranteed quality clothing online. Cheers!

IndusRobe - Care About Its Visitors

Being an international goodwill, IndusRobe always gives a royal protocol to its visitors. Whether you are a regular customer or a new one you can directly call us in case of any confusion like: 

1: Difficulty to find required product

2: Problem to understand cart and shopping process

3: Confusion to interact with website interface

4: Confusion to clear the product specifications 

5: Interested to ask about your order

Sort Your Interested Collection - Freedom of Shopping

Shop with confidence

IndusRobe loves to give complete authority to its visitors. Interestingly, you will be amazed to see the user interface that how you can customize your online shopping page according to your choices  

You can freely sort your interesting category according to your interests like:

Ordering/ Sorting Process


         Best Selling

         Alphabetically: A to Z

         Alphabetically: Z to A

         Price: Low to High 

         Price: High to Low

         Date: Old to New

         Date New to Old

How to choose the sorting option?

When you load the collection page successfully, we can see the sorting option at the right side of the page and when you go to hit the list box the list will appear and offer you interesting options. Choose the best sorting option to arrange your products online. 

The benefit of sorting your entire collection: luckily when you arrange your products online you don't need to waste your time to find the right product. Moreover, it's easy to remember the specific article and we all know arrangements are the only option that gives a premium view to make the right shopping decision.

Process to Place an order Online

When you find your interested product in the online collection, you can place your order in two ways:

1: Quick Shopping 

If you are our happy and suggested visitor, then you definitely prefer quick shopping because you know IndusRobe never compromise on product quality and is always labeled affordable price. 

  1. When you hit the quick shopping button, a popup appears on your screen with the details of size and number of products. you can flexibly choose your ideal size with a single click and choose the number of products according to your requirements. At the bottom of the popup, you can see one button (add to cart) and one link (View full details).
  2. If you hit the “Add to Cart” button, you can see a side window that informs you to “view cart” and “Check Out”, choose your interested option and move forward.
  3. If you choose “View cart”, your complete cart details appear on your screen and allow you to checkout. At the same time if you choose “Check Out”, a form will appear in front of you and ask you to fill in simple details of name, address, phone number, etc. 
  4. After filling the complete details, you can click the button “Continue to Shipping”.
  5. In the last step the company will send you a confirmation message with a professional confirmation call from the IndusRobe support desk.

2: Shop by Reading Product Specifications 

No doubt most of us love to know product specifications before hitting the buying button. IndusRobe specially arranges a detailed description of every online article and explains to you how a specific item is valuable for you. Simply click your interesting article and see the magic. Quickly, the product will display in front of you with well-explained features. Read the product details carefully and follow the same steps as we explained above (quick shopping steps). Only five steps are required to place an order online

Avail Amazing Discounts – Coupon Codes

To entertain our clients – the IndusRobe team mostly displays its coupon code. Interestingly, you can avail of amazing coupon codes that help you to get more discounts than a usual percentage. Like during sale days you are allowed to avail Flat 30% discount and luckily you get a coupon code of 15% more discount– my friend now you are a king to get 45% discount on entire stock. Cheer!

Fill the form after Order confirms

You know what most of the time responsible persons ask all the intricate details to perform their duties successfully. To deliver your order to your doorstep, IndusRobe needs some details. After placing an order online, the website functionality leads you toward a small form. Steps to fill the form quickly:

  1. Contact Information – add your phone number and email in this blank
  2. Shipping address
  3. First Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Address
  6. City
  7. Country/ region
  8. Postal code
  9. Phone Number

After filling in all the above details, you can click the “continue to shipping” button for final confirmation. 

Get Ready to Enjoy Free Shipping

Are you stopping your hand from online shopping just because of the difficult shipping experience? IndusRobe has an amazing surprise for you, guess what? We are offering free shipping to you at a certain amount. Moreover, we as your caretakers are responsible to deliver your order within one or two days.

On the other hand, our vendors deliver the products of your order at your doorstep and ensure product safety. Nothing is left behind when you find your ideal product with amazing discounts, affordable prices, and free shipping. Don't wait anymore to make the right decision, hit the buying button to rock your season.

Support Desk Confirmation Call

When you place your order online, the IndusRobe support desk will make a confirmation call to you. During the call, the support person will confirm your name, address, order details and alarm you about delivery time. You can ask anything in case of any confusion. Moreover, IndusRobe gives premium service in case you want to send an online gift to a specific event.

Good News: our fast delivery service never delays; you can even send a gift at the eleventh hour. Shop with confidence - we care about your demands.


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