IndusRobe Supporting Young Generation - Great Initiative

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IndusRobe Supporting Young Generation - Great Initiative (Digital South Punjab Road Show)

Digital South Punjab Roadshow, An idea to boost the IT sector in south Punjab and collect the hidden tech leaders under one roof. This event empowered the tech industry in less developed areas. It also provided visibility, a chance, and a platform for connecting with the local IT gems.

Digital south Punjab road show to guided Youngers about the IT industry:

  1. The event gave recognition, opportunity, and a platform for connectivity with the regional Tech Gems.
  2. The vision of Digital South Punjab Roadshow was to empower Tech Industry in less-developed areas and dig out the hidden tech giants under one roof to charge the IT Industry in south Punjab.
  3. This event gave all students a chance to apply to their interested departments and students directly submitted their CVs. 
  4. Students got exposure to emerging technical fields in the IT industry.
  5. For the first time, an event happened in different cities of Pakistan that holds a series of events, workshops, seminars, and lectures on IT & technology.

Who Were the Leaders of the Road Show?

IndusRobe being loyal goodwill has participated in the Digital South Punjab road show in Pakistan. IndusRobe had been at the forefront of helping people across South Punjab and as a sponsor IndusRobe supported different departments like consultancy, digital literacy classes, etc. These classes were provided free of charge through their Road Shows around cities where participants learned about how technology can help them improve their lives through better access to education.


Main Pillars of Digital South Punjab Road Show 

Role of Digital South Punjab Road Show:

Digital South Punjab Roadshow was an initiative to boost IT in South Punjab. The roadshow provided a chance to companies to showcase their products and services and got amazing interns and willing tech experts to improve the tech world.

Job Opportunity at Digital South Punjab Road Show?        

At this event, students met with experts from leading companies like VirtueNetz, BrainX, etc for discussions. Discussed various topics related to future trends in the technology industry such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, development designing, networking, digital marketing, etc. As well as get hands-on experience through workshops. 

Moreover, all invited tech companies had their stalls and they gave countless job opportunities to interns and experts. CVs were submitted directly as well as applied online.


IndusRobe Gifts to Winners

At Digital South Punjab Road Show, there was a session of questions/ Answers and students participated in the knowledge activity. IndusRobe has played a remarkable role to appreciate the new and old talent and giving them gifts (outfits) as appreciation. This small appreciation activity not only lifted the courage but also pushed the students who were close to their future goals.  


Digital South Punjab roadshow is an initiative that has benefitted the younger generation in Punjab, who were looking for their future in the IT industry. Moreover, it was a great opportunity for students and experts who wanted to lift their careers but were unable to avail the of good opportunities. With this roadshow, we have not only improved the IT future but also created a way to get new talent all over Punjab. Appreciated the new talent brightening up the lights of the economy.      


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